The Ultimate Drain Plug
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The Ultimate Drain Plug

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Keep your bathroom, kitchen, sewer, and sink free of hairs and residue!

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Our two-in-one Sink Drain Stopper and Strainer, feature eco-friendly, PTR rubber/silicone. It functions as both a drain stopper, to prevent drainage and water flow and also a strainer, to prevent hair and other debris from being sucked down the drain.

The soft, flexible outer ring creates a tight seal, keeping odours, insects and other unwanted critters from climbing up out of your drain pipes and into your sink! The convenient, easy-grip handle makes it a snap to operate.

How to use sink drain stopper:

To use, simply press the centre button and the edge will fold up to allow water to pass through, while still catching the items that could clog your drain. Press the edge, to close the valve and fill your sink or tub with water.

Perfect for the kitchen sink, bathroom washbasin, bathtub, or floor drain.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Colours: Green, Pink, White, Grey
  • Size: 10 x 3.6cm


  • Pack of 1 x Multi-functional Drain Stopper
  • Pack of 2 x Multi-functional Drain Stopper
  • Pack of 3 x Multi-functional Drain Stopper