Power Shower Heads

Understanding Power Shower & Electric Power Shower Heads

A refreshing and invigorating shower experience often hinges on the type of shower system you have. Power showers, electric power showers, and different shower heads each offer unique benefits that can enhance your daily routine. Here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding these options and choosing the best one for your needs.

What is a Power Shower?

A power shower combines water from both your hot and cold supplies, boosting the flow rate with an integrated pump. This results in a powerful and consistent water flow, ideal for homes with low water pressure. Power showers are perfect for those who prefer a strong and invigorating shower experience.

Benefits of a Power Shower

  • Enhanced Water Pressure: The built-in pump significantly boosts water flow, providing a robust and satisfying shower.
  • Consistent Temperature: By mixing hot and cold water, power showers offer a steady temperature, avoiding sudden changes.
  • Ideal for Low Pressure Systems: Homes with low water pressure can benefit immensely from the increased flow rate.

What is an Electric Power Shower?

An electric power shower heats water on demand, using electricity to power an internal heating element. This type of shower draws water from the cold mains supply, heating it to your desired temperature. Electric power showers are highly efficient and provide a steady stream of hot water regardless of your household’s hot water supply.

Benefits of an Electric Power Shower

  • Instant Hot Water: Heats water as you need it, so you never run out of hot water.
  • Energy Efficient: Only heats the water you use, reducing energy waste.
  • Independent of Boiler: Operates independently from your home’s boiler, ensuring hot water even if the boiler is off.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a power shower?

A power shower is a shower system that uses an integrated pump to boost water flow from both hot and cold water supplies, providing a powerful and consistent shower experience, especially beneficial for homes with low water pressure.

How does a power shower work?

A power shower works by mixing water from your hot and cold water supplies and using a built-in pump to increase the water flow rate. This ensures a strong and steady stream of water.

What is an electric power shower?

An electric power shower heats water on demand using an internal heating element powered by electricity. It draws water from the cold mains supply and heats it to the desired temperature, providing a constant stream of hot water.

How does an electric power shower work?

An electric power shower uses an electric heating element to heat cold water as it passes through the unit. The user sets the desired temperature, and the shower adjusts the water flow to maintain that temperature.

Can I install a power shower in my home?

Power showers are suitable for homes with a gravity-fed water system or low water pressure. However, they require a dedicated electrical connection and might need professional installation to ensure safety and compliance with local regulations.

Are electric power showers energy efficient?

Yes, electric power showers are energy efficient as they only heat the water you use, reducing energy waste. They provide hot water on demand without relying on your home's boiler system.

What should I consider when choosing a shower head?

When choosing a shower head, consider factors like water pressure, water efficiency, and the type of spray patterns you prefer. High-pressure shower heads are great for a powerful spray, while water-saving models help conserve water. Multi-function shower heads offer various spray settings for a customisable experience.


Whether you opt for a power shower, an electric power shower, or a problem solving shower head, each option offers unique benefits to enhance your shower experience. Understanding the differences and benefits of each type can help you make an informed decision that best suits your household’s needs. Upgrade your shower today for a more enjoyable and efficient daily routine.