Ionic Showery Ecoflow Shower Head with mineral stones in
Have you ever wondered what the beads in your shower head are? Unlike popular belief, they’re not just for show.  These bead-like looking things are bioactive mineral balls consisting of anion, ceramic and tourmaline stones. Now you might ask, what are...
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Do Shower Head Filters Live up to the Hype?
Image by: meggans_tiles via Instagram Does your skin feel dry? Is your hair getting brittle after a shower? The problem might not be you, it could be your shower. The UK suffers from hard water that contains impurities, metals and chemicals that strip...
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6 Budget-Friendly Secrets for a Squeaky Clean Bathroom
Bathrooms can be the hardest place to maintain. Discover cleaning tips using cupboard staples that double up as natural cleaning alternatives. By using eco-friendly cleaning products, you can be kind to the environment whilst saving money! Swap expensive purpose-made, chemical cleaning solutions with...
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