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A shower that makes a difference.
Showery Ecoflow
At Showery, our mission is to make a difference. That's why we create products that are good for you, good for others and good for the planet. Our innovative products instantly improve the way you shower. 
Our UK based brand has been created to make your showering experiences better whilst reducing your impact on the environment. Find out more about our efforts to build a more sustainable future for us all here.
Low water pressure is a problem that many people face daily, at times resulting in a shower achieving barely more than a trickle of water. Until recently, this problem was too costly to address. Not anymore. 
Starting with the original Showery in 2018, our line of shower heads have been designed to instantly boost the performance of your shower and enhance water quality by filtering out harmful chemicals using our mineral filtration system. 
Our EcoFlow line of shower heads is designed to significantly reduce water usage and make showering more water efficient. Having sold over 250,000 shower heads worldwide, we have already helped to save many millions of gallons of water. 
We are driven by innovation and over the last 4 years have continued to adapt and improve our products in response to our customer’s feedback. This year we will be launching our latest innovation — the new Eco Boost shower head, delivering more performance from your shower.  We have opted for more eco-friendly packaging to minimise our impact on the planet.
Our mission does not stop here, we will continue to look for solutions to drive sustainability and our goal is to keep striving for a greener and cleaner environment. 
Thanks to your purchase, we are able to donate to
Showery support One Tree Planted, Trees for the Future and WaterAid
We plant one tree for every product sold and have partnered with multiple organisations around the world to give back to the environment. We’re proud partners of One Tree Planted, WaterAid and Trees for the Future. The charities help us to share our support with people and places in need all around the world; through tree planting and clean water accessibility initiatives.