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3 Mode High Pressure Shower Head

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What's New in Showery 3 Mode Shower Head? 

Improves Water Pressure
3 Adjustable Settings
Electric Showers Full Compatibility
Mineral Stone Filtration
35% Reduced Water Compsumtion

The 2021 New Release Showery shower head brings an affordable new dimension of luxury and creates a positive impact on your health that pays for itself. By combining H20 Laser perforated technology and water saving nozzle micro pinholes, the 3 mode shower head compacts water through a two stage process, a purifying ionic filter and mineral stones – delivering up to 200% more water pressure, soothing away aches, tension and mental fatigue at a 35% reduced water cost.

Increases Water Pressure by up to 200%

Our 3 mode shower head It's equipped with 300 hundred laser-cut micro-holes that ensure you can save as much as 35% on your water consumption and DOUBLES the water pressure. This will reduce the amount of water you use and will also result in a lower energy and water bill.