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Introducing The New 2021 Showery® EcoFlow

One more step towards a more enjoyable shower and an eco-friendly home.

The NEW Showery® EcoFlow increases your shower water pressure by up to 200% and reduces water consumption by up to 35%.

The Ecoflow uses an innovative combination of H20 laser perforated technology and 300 water saving micro-holes to transform your shower-significantly increasing water flow and saving you money.

“At last I can have a shower that has a decent powerful water spray” Lulu: Trustpilot.


How does it work? The Ecoflow’s 300 micro-holes force the water to shoot out at a much higher pressure of up to 200% - instantly giving you a more powerful shower whilst using less water.


Universal Fit - Quick & Easy Installation. Installing the EcoFlow is as easy as changing a light bulb. All you need to do is unscrew your outdated shower head and twist in the new one.



3 Shower Modes: Massage, Jetting, Rainfall


Have a more enjoyable showering experience and adjust the water pressure, by easily switching between the different modes to suit your mood.

Massage: Targets your tension with a more focused stream, melting away aches and pains.

Rainfall: Creates a more relaxing shower experience with a constant, steady waterflow.

Jetting: A high intensity spray to wake you up, give you a more powerful clean and invigorate your senses.

The EcoFlow delivers the ultimate shower experience for the whole family, including adults, children and pets. It also works wonderfully in RVs or even yachts!



Water Purifying and Softening


Our new EcoFlow’s mineral stones soften water and filter out toxins including chlorine. Hard water and toxins dry out our hair and skin. The EcoFlow’s water is much gentler on your skin and healthier for your hair. The benefits of showering in this purified water include:

- Restoration of your body’s natural PH balance

- Less skin irritation and hair damage

- Water that is gentle on your skin

 -  Stronger and healthier hair



Mineral Stones Filtration


The mineral stones in the EcoFlow soften and purify hard water into natural, clean water. This spring-like water feels great to shower in and is good for our wellbeing. Our mineral stone formula of Anion, Ceramic and Tourmaline stones has been shown to effectively filter out dirt and toxins, including chlorine, fluoride, and pesticides.

If you have sensitive skin, live in a hard water area, or simply want healthier hair, the EcoFlow is perfect for you.

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The Hidden Impacts of Chlorine


Chlorine removes the natural oils from your hair and skin, leaving them dry, rough, and damaged. Your hair and skin need these natural oils to remain smooth and healthy: chlorine removes those oils. Chlorine can also cause chemical reactions in your hair, changing the natural colour of your hair, weakening each hair strand, and causing split ends.

 Transform your shower, increase water pressure by 200% and reduce water consumption by up 35% instantly with the New Showery EcoFlow.



Stop Button


The EcoFlow’s Stop button, lets you easily stop the shower at anytime without having to use the taps- keeping the water temperature constant, which is great for washing your hair, children and pets.



Wipe Clean Shower Face and Spray Holes


While other showerheads may gather unsightly limescale build-up, our anodized aluminium shower face allows mineral residue to simply be wiped away for an instantly refreshed look. This means less clogging and more consistent water pressure over the lifespan of your shower. Our laser cut micro-holes increase water pressure by up to 200% and reduce water consumption by up 35%.


Innovative Design and High Quality


At Showery we are committed to creating innovative showerheads that are high quality and built to last. To ensure we maintain the highest standards we use premium materials and work directly with our manufacturers. 




Try the NEW Showery® EcoFlow risk free for 30 days. If you don’t love it, we will simply give you a full refund. Our New Showery® showerhead also comes with a 24 Month warranty.

A ''no returns needed'' policy - if you have an issue with our product, we will simply replace it for you - no questions asked and no need to return the item to us

The Checkout Process is Guaranteed to be Secure with Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, or PayPal
Showery® is proud to support the charity WaterAid UK - who enable the world's poorest people to gain access to safe water.


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Frequently Asked Questions:


Does it work with electric showers?

The ''stop button'' feature is NOT suitable for electric showers (see compatible showerheads HERE).

How often do you have to replace the mineral stones?

Every 12 months. You can order replacement stones HERE.

What is the difference between Showery® shower head and other similar shower heads sold online?

Showery® is made of premium materials. It is built to last as we maintain the highest quality standard. Other cheaper shower heads are often low-quality and not safe to use.

Will it fit my shower hose?

Showery® is able to simply screw onto any standard shower hose. All popular shower manufacturers use the same sized piping.

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