6 Budget-Friendly Secrets for a Squeaky Clean Bathroom

Bathrooms can be the hardest place to maintain. Discover cleaning tips using cupboard staples that double up as natural cleaning alternatives. By using eco-friendly cleaning products, you can be kind to the environment whilst saving money! Swap expensive purpose-made, chemical cleaning solutions with a few common items that you already have around your house.
Here are our 6 budget-friendly bathroom cleaning secrets: 
Whiten Tile Grout with a Toothbrush
Grout stains are not a good look. But we’ve found just the trick! 
Simply make a runny paste with baking soda and water and gently scrub with a toothbrush. Leave it to soak in for a while before rinsing with your shower head. If you have a Showery shower head, opt for the jetting mode for a powerful focussed flow rinse your tiles. And there you have it, a brighter cleaner bathroom.
De-mist Mirrors Using Shaving Foam
Yes, that’s surprising but you read it right. Using shaving foam to clean your mirrors will stop them fogging up when the bathroom becomes steamy. All you have to do is apply a thin layer of foam all over the mirror, then polish it off using a dry cloth. This little trick will clarify your clouded skincare and makeup routine, post a shower. And you'll have a gleaming, steam-free mirror for around two to three weeks (or until it gets splashed again).
Clean Shower Screen Without Streaks
Distilled white vinegar is inexpensive and can be used as a non-toxic disinfecting agent. Mix equal parts of water and white vinegar together and add the mixture to a spray bottle. Spray the shower screen then use a cloth to wipe the area. You may need to pour the mixture onto the cloth and scrub if stubborn stains won’t come off. Wipe away with a cloth or squeegee to remove the watermarks, then buff with a microfibre cloth. 
Get into the habit of regularly using a squeegee after every shower so you can significantly reduce the limescale build-up to help keep your shower sparkling clean.
Welcome Your New Emergency Cleaner - Crushed up Aspirin
Ran out of bathroom cleaner? Aspirin isn't just for pain relief! The salicylic acid in aspirin makes it an effective cleaning agent, so if you run out of cleaner mid-routine, just drop two aspirin tablets in water and use it like you would any other cleaner to remove dirt and soap scum around your sink and shower. 
Rub Lemon Over Chrome to Wipe Off Water Spots
We all are familiar with the ever-present water spots that show up everywhere in your bathroom, from the shower to the sink. It is extremely simple and cheap to get rid of them. The one-step exercise is to rub a lemon half over your stained chrome fixtures and the pesky spots should disappear instantly. And this citrus cleanser will mask any unpleasant smells and make your bathroom refreshing.
Plughole Disaster Management
The easiest way to get smelly bathrooms is through blocked drains. To unblock your plug, pour a cup of soda crystals followed by boiling water down the plughole. This will help clear out grease, soap scum, preventing bad odours. Alternatively, you can pour vinegar and bicarbonate down the plug to dissolve any dirt. Use hot water to finish off the job.
Wash Your Toothbrush Holder in the Dishwasher.
Toothbrush holders are one of the dirtiest items in the house. Don’t freak out, washing this one out is more of a memory game than a chore. Simply throw it in your dishwasher in the next cycle and be carefree.
We’ve got another simple way to go about cleaning. Upgrade your shower head to one that filters and softens water, reducing the build-up all along your bathroom crevices. We’ve got a whole range of eco-friendly shower heads that soften and purify water while increasing water pressure. Check them out below.