What Are The Beads in Shower Heads For?

Have you ever wondered what the beads in your shower head are? Unlike popular belief, they’re not just for show. 

These bead-like looking things are bioactive mineral balls consisting of anion, ceramic and tourmaline stones. Now you might ask, what are they doing in your shower head? The primary purpose of these mineral balls is to filter the water you receive through the shower. This is particularly useful for people living in hard water areas. Water hardness is measured in terms of how much calcium carbonite there is (in milligrams per litre). Over a third of Brits are subjected to hard water in their showers. Slightly hard to very hard water types are rich in calcium and magnesium ions derived from the rock types they have seeped through before reaching your plumbing system.

Every morning, we face the effects of our water type. Hard water is naturally inclined to strip the skin of its natural oils. So if you’ve been experiencing dry, flaky, irritated scalps and skin, this could be why. This type of mineral-rich water can worsen conditions like eczema, and this last fact might shock you -- it may even make you age faster. To learn more about the bad effects of hard water, check out our blog here.

Not only is hard water bad for your skin and hair, but it can cause the following problems:

  • Hard water deposits limescale behind
  • It won’t let your soap lather easily! This means the harder the water, the more soap and water you will end up using. This all costs money. 
  • Hard water creates room for scum. Scum is not only extremely unhygienic but also spoils the appearance of the bathroom.

Showery use anion and infrared mineral balls which can help remove chlorine, heavy metals, rust and other impurities, restoring your skin and hair. These stones are negatively charged ions which have many benefits to our health as they clear the air of things such as bacteria and other airborne hazards. 

Anion stones: Help soften your skin and remove impurities from water.

Ceramic stones: Balance the water’s pH levels.

Tourmaline stones: Give your hair shine and nourishment.

Another bonus: not only are these showerheads kind to your skin and hair, but they are also naturally high pressure - an easy fix for those struggling with low water pressure and high energy bills. The high-pressure water flow is eco-friendly as the showerhead features micro holes that force the water to shoot out at a much higher pressure - instantly giving you a more powerful shower whilst using less water due to the smaller holes on the showerhead. The high pressure also means you take quicker showers, consume less water and save money on energy bills.


In addition to reducing water consumption, Showery showerheads have other great features. For example, the Original Showery Eco Flow showerhead features the following:

  • 3 shower modes for a spa experience: massage, jetting and rainfall.
  • Universal size to be easily installed to any shower without any tools 
  • Start/stop button for reducing water wastage and temperature monitoring

The mineral stones need to be replaced every 12 months (depending on consumption) to give you the most powerful performance.

If your shower needs some TLC, why not upgrade yours and transform the way you shower.

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