Tips to make electric showers more powerful

Picture of Shower Head with low water pressure

Does your shower have low water pressure? If you want to upgrade your showering routine we’ve got something you’ll like - a power shower head that can be screwed onto your electric shower.

There are many reasons why showers have low water pressure. In this article we'll explain why showers lose pressure and what you can do to resolve this issue and start enjoying your showers again.

Blocked Shower Head

Showerheads accumulate mineral residue when in use. Over time these deposits will bond together and create a limescale build up inside your pipes or showerhead. This results in the water struggling to push through the shower nozzle. You might be able to remove the build up with regular cleaning but if you live in a hard water area this can be tricky. 

Issue with gravity-fed system

Common in older homes, gravity-fed systems can make it difficult to provide a strong water pressure to the shower. This is because it has to be gravity fed through the pipes. It can only be resolved with shower pump, a whole house pump to fix the supply line or a high pressure shower head.

Check your pressure balancing valve

A balancing pressure shower that maintains the flow of hot and cold water risks water pressure interruptions because of other fixtures. For example, flushing the toilet or filling the washing machine can result in a sudden temperature change and pressure drop. You can avoid pressure drops like this by installing a thermostatic mixer valve or a pressure boosting shower head.

Faulty water valve 

The water valve will regulate the flow and temperature in pipes and plumbing fixtures. The valve can break, become faulty or even fall off causing your shower water pressure to drop. You'll need to contact a professional plumber to fix this problem.

Broken pipes

Mineral build up can cause pipes to corrode over time leading to them being brittle. Broken pipes could be the cause of a pressure problem. Common signs of this are stains or wet patches on walls. If that happens, contact a professional.

Low flow showerhead

These are designed to reduce the amount of water wasted as well as heating cost. Available with a shower heads with less than 2.5 gallons per minute flow rate. This is great for eco-friendly homes on water meters.

General plumbing issues

If you have a plumbing system that’s extremely old, it may be causing low shower water pressure. Over time your pipework can corrode or block, limiting the water supply. This can affect the water outlets throughout your home.

A cost-effective solution for low water pressure

A cost-effective solution for low water pressure is the eco-friendly showerhead range from Showery. These showerheads are designed to increase water pressure and feature micro holes to boost water pressure while reducing consumption. The showerheads have filtration systems that soften and purify the water which is a must for hard water areas. The innovative showerheads also have 3 shower modes to take your shower experience to the next level. So, who’s ready for a shower upgrade?

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Please note: Serious issues, like broken pipes, should be left to an experienced plumber.

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Showery® shower heads without the stop button work with electric showers. Remember to select ‘without STOP button’ when purchasing your Showery® shower head.

The stop button feature is NOT suitable for electric showers or electronic thermostatic showers.