Mystery Solved: Can a Shower Head Increase Water Pressure?

Picture of shower head with low water pressure

Low water pressure in showers can be frustrating to deal with. You deserve a strong invigorating spray rather than just a trickle of water.

Fortunately, there are ways to increase water pressure in your shower without costly plumbing costs. To get back to the important question - yes, a showerhead can help increase water pressure, and it can also do so while consuming less water than your usual fittings.

Showery showerheads are designed to increase water pressure so you can experience a more enjoyable shower. The innovative shower heads are made with laser perforated micro-holes that boost water at a much higher pressure. The high pressure and micro-holes means you take quicker showers, consume less water and save money on energy bills.


Image of a standard shower head with low water pressure and Showery shower head with high water pressure


Electric showers on the mains water system

The water is instantly heated with electric showers, which means it’s always ready to use. The pressure produced by an electric shower depends on the power rating, which is measured in kilowatts (kW). The higher the kW rating, the better the flow and force of water.

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Mixer and digital showers

These can be attached to mains pressure systems or gravity fed systems. Mains pressure from a combi boiler will provide a decent flow of water. In gravity-fed systems, the water is supplied from a cold tank in your loft and a hot water cylinder in your airing cupboard. Some systems use an internal pump to deliver pressure, it all depends on how high up your tank is.

Our shower heads are compatible with all types of showers. Showery® shower heads without the stop button work with all shower types including electric showers. Remember to select ‘without STOP button’ when purchasing your Showery® shower head. The stop button feature is NOT suitable for electric showers or electronic thermostatic showers. If you have a standard shower you can also opt for a model with a STOP button.

With STOP Button for: 

Power showers, Mixer taps, Gravity Systems, Combi Boiler Systems.

Without STOP Button for:

Electric showers, RVs (Motorhomes), outdoor and camping showers. 


Understanding water pressure

Water pressure is a measurement of the force that carries your water through the pipes. Pressure is measured in ‘bars’ – where one bar is the force needed to raise the water by 10 metres. Every regional water company is bound to provide a minimum amount of water pressure to each home, but the exact pressure you receive depends on many factors - how far you live from the service reservoir, the elevation of your surroundings, and water consumption by your neighbours, to name a few.

If the water pressure seems fine from the bathroom taps but low from the showerhead, the reason could be the height of the shower or the journey down the hose of the shower attachment. A cold-water storage tank in the loft feeds many showers in the UK, with gravity pulling the load more than the pipes.

A dirty showerhead is also a common (but ignored) culprit. In hard water areas, tap water contains dirt and limescale that can build up in old pipes and on your shower head. These obstructions affect a steady flow. That’s why Showery showerheads offer shower heads with mineral stone and cotton filtration. These filtered showerheads reduce limescale and build-up. It’s also worth checking to see if your shower hose is damaged.

If you start experiencing low pressure from all of your taps, you might have a plumbing issue, so it’s worth calling a professional to check for leaks. However, if you are only experiencing low pressure in the shower – you can simply upgrade your shower head by unscrewing your current shower head and connecting a high-pressure shower head to satisfy your needs.

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