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Enjoy a home spa experience with 3 different modes to choose from; rainfall, massage and jet. The shower head contains bioactive mineral balls help purify the water and removes chlorine, while the negative ion filter helps to reduce the damage on your skin and hair due to impurities.


- Compatible with all standard shower hoses

- 3 modes: Rainfall, Massage and Jet

- Up to 200% water pressure increase

- Up to 35% water savings

- 2 Stage filter system

- Dimensions: 235mm x 80mm

- Colour: White/Blue

Package Contents:

1 x Shower Head ( mineral balls included )

Increase water pressure up to 200%

Conserve up to 35% of water usage

Purifies water and reduces chlorine & bacteria 

  • Limited Quantity Available
  • Not sold in stores

 Our Showery  Showerhead comes with a 12 Month warranty so we're only a message away if you ever need us.