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Safety Helping Handle

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Are you afraid of falls and slips around the bathtub or in the shower? We have a simple yet effective solution anti slip safety suction grab bar.

Suction Grab Bar – Swipe Happy

Bathroom anti slip safety suction grab bar is there to help you maintain your balance and enjoy even greater peace of mind in the bathroom. Featuring a unique suction design that easily attaches to smooth, flat surfaces, it provides added safety whether you’re showering, bathing, or using the toilet.

The gently contoured grip provides you a reliable handhold. Thanks to its compact, stylish design, this safety rail is easy to transport and blends seamlessly with almost any interior décor.

Family safety first: Helps the whole family to enjoy a comfortable and safe bath.

Locking latch technology: Can be strongly attached to any flat, non-porous surface, such as tile, acrylic, glass and fiberglass.

No drilling of any kind: It’s as simple as flipping the locking latches to secure your bar in place.

Anti-slip grasp: Anti-slip grip provides any user with additional assistance by maintaining the hands on the bar with the non-slip grasp.

Travels with you: Our anti-slip safety rail doesn’t require any permanent installation you are free to take it with you anywhere you need to.


Size: 11 x 4 x 3.3 inches

Colour: White

Tips and Precautions:

• Suitable only for smooth surfaces. Not suitable for rough concave or convex parts.

• The surface where it’s mounted should be cleaned to ensure the grip of the stick pads.

• Take care of mounting it according to the installation steps explained.

• It can be reattached anytime. If the pads are smeared with dust or anything else just rinse it with water. After drying you can re stick it safely.