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Silicone Scrubber Brush

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 Keeping your toilet clean is essential for it to have the same refreshing feeling, every time you enter. Our Deep Cleaning Silicone Toilet Brush can assist you in getting there. It helps clean dirt and grime from a toilet bowl, effortlessly.
Ergonomic handles make cleaning easier and reduce the time taken to make your toilet shine like new. With its comfortable-to-hold, non-slip handle with its stable and breathable mounting base, it works to keep toilet worries away. The simple and aesthetic design is tailored to suit your bathroom needs.
The tongue shaped structure of the brush head, made of stretchy TPR material, stays intact on use and doesn’t fall out like regular toilet brushes. Its soft and fine bristles ensure easy access to all areas in the seat for a thorough clean.
The toilet brush head is water-repellent, which makes it dripping-proof - eliminating the hassle of wiping.
Material: TPR + Silicone
Colour: Blue/ Orange /White
Size: 42.5*8 cm/ 16.73*3.15 in